Turn-Fit Academy is a diverse and understanding health and wellness company, that welcomes anyone willing to put in the work, to make a healthy lifestyle change. Here at TFA, we specialize in working with Individuals, Families, Schools (elementary-college), Recreation Centers, and Private Entities. Contact us today, to discuss partnerships, memberships and other services.


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What is Turn-Fit Academy

Turn-Fit Academy is a diverse and understanding fitness community, that welcomes anyone willing to put in the work to make a healthy lifestyle investment.

How much are your services?

Pricing depends on the following: 1. Duration of the fitness plan 2. Challenge chosen 3. Package and/or plan selected 4. Negotiation of contract and/or partnership *In order to best assist you, contact us today!*

Do you offer nutrition?

Starting August 2021, Turn-Fit Academy will offer a variety of complete nutrition e-books, eating plans, recipies and comprehensive grocery shopping list. As of now, we only offer nutrition advice and FREE 7 day meal plans. Contact us today for further questions and interest.

What services does Turn-Fit Academy offer?

1. Fat/Weight Loss 2. Muscle/Physique Maintence 3. Muscle/Weight Gain 4. Balance/Hand Eye Coordination 5. Leadership Training *All workouts are customized for your specific need, don't hesitate or wait any longer, contact us today!

Where are you located?

Turn-Fit Academy is a Health & Eellness company that was founded in Round Rock, Tx, but offers services virtually worldwide. Our gym is located in Round Rock, Tx, just East of Interstate 35 (for all one on one sessions and appointments please contact us to schedule in advance).

Can I get a refund?

Depending on which plan and/or package you seleted, refunds are normally only given under emergency circumstance. To avoid any misunderstanding, please contact us.

How do I get free advice?

Contact us via email or by phone. That way we can help you the best way possible.

Can I get a free video?

Absoluely! However, we offer FREe VIDEOS on our social media platforms. Inorder to access, jnaviagte over to our social media (links ar eat the bottom of the page). We post daily, answer questions, along with giving advice daily.